Every day is different!

Every day at my job is different and I love it! I spent the beginning of the week observing Summer Brain Gain activities. The club members have really taken a liking to the activities!

One of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s national programs is “Diplomas to Degrees”, a college readiness program. In an effort to expose several members to various colleges in Ohio, I accompanied 15 members from the Milo-Grogran site to Central State University in Dayton, OH. Since my future career involves college readiness, access, and admissions counseling, I was quite excited! The members had to speak with current students and ask them about their experiences in college. On the ride back to Columbus we had a great conversation about different colleges and their campuses! Next month we will travel to Cleveland State University and The Ohio State University, my alma mater!

I spent Thursday with the teens from the Weinland Park Site and facilitated their Brain Gain activity which focused on public speaking. On Monday, the students were required to watch several videos related to sales pitches. They learned how to give constructive feedback when hearing ideas. On Thursday we took it a step further! Members actually gave their own sales pitches, in the form of an elevator pitch and critiqued each other. I began by explaining what an elevator pitch was and gave one promoting Ohio State. In 60 seconds I had to tell them the 5,768,00,000 reasons why they should apply to Ohio State! The students then gave me great feedback and partnered with one another to practice and develop their own elevator pitches about their favorite college, career, sport, or invention. We had a variety of pitches and I truly believe the members learned a lot about public speaking! It is important young people practice public speaking before they have to present a project in college or for an interview!

Central State's Clock Tower

Central State’s Clock Tower

On Thursday, I was fortunate to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus. Hearing such accomplished individuals talk about ways to improve the community and the work of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus was inspirational! My undergraduate specialization in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs was in nonprofit management, and we learned all about board compositions, mission driven organizations, and how to effectively engage the board. Actually seeing the board discuss issues and their relevancy to the mission of the organization complemented my classroom coursework. They literally think about their mission to reach the kids who need them most, before they make any major decisions! I won’t go into too much detail, but their are many exciting project in the works for the organization and I can’t wait to see where the organization is headed in the future!

Tune in next week to hear more about the Summer Brain Gain program and the grant project I have been working on!


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