Let the Fun Begin!

The third week of this fellowship was the first week of camp for the summer.  We started off the summer with the older kids in our Teen  Workshops.  There were two camps in the morning, Mighty Metals and Cartooning 101, and one camp in the afternoon, Muppet Mania.  Our teens LOVED these classes…and so did I!

In Mighty Metals class, our teacher and students clipped, snipped, cut, and bent wire, cans, sheet metal, and odd metal bits into robots, mobiles, jewelry, and more.  One of our students even entered her robot in the art show at the State Fair!

In Cartooning 101, original comics were invented and drawn, and students took inspiration from the classics, like some of my favorites, Calvin and Hobbes and Samurai Jack. One student wrote an amazing original comic about dinosaurs on an epic adventure – I smell a best-seller!

The last class of the day, Muppet Mania, was my personal favorite, and the class I spent the most time with.  During the morning classes, I mostly did other tasks, like checking emails, finding library books to stock our reading corner with topical books for each week and project, pulling supplies for the following week, and working on fine-tuning my own lessons.  But for Muppet Mania, I knew that an extra set of hands would be helpful in the classroom for this complicated project (and I really just wanted to make a Muppet)!  The campers did a great job, and I was so amazed at the professional looking results.  Surprisingly, Muppets are fairly easy to make, and the supplies are really inexpensive!  With some chipboard, felt, foam rubber, hot glue, fake fur, and two ping-pong balls, anyone can make their own personal, original puppet.  I made a hedgehog puppet, using my pet hedgehog (Huck) as a model, and even brought Huck in for a special treat on the last day of camp to show him off to the kids 🙂

Look at this fabulous Muppet!  His creator made him a whole wardrobe to show off.

Look at this fabulous Muppet and his stylish wardrobe! According to his creator, despite the teeth, he is a nice lake monster/goblin, not a scary one.

Works in Progress - It takes A LOT of foam and fake fur to make these creations!

Works in Progress – It takes A LOT of foam and fake fur to make these creations!

Working with teens is a lot of fun, because they tend to be a little quieter and a little more self-directed than the younger kids.  But I love working with kids of all ages and helping them cultivate their love for art, so I’m really excited for week 4 – the first week of Young Master’s camp!


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