Finding a Passion, Chicken Style

A recent college grad determining a career path is like a chicken with its head cut off, frantic and confused without the ability to see what comes next.  After graduating in May with two very broad majors in Philosophy and Spanish and an equally wide-open minor in Sociology, I have found myself in the position of wondering what comes next.  I have always had a drive to serve others and have spent a lot of time volunteering, but how do I turn that into a future, into a career?  Will I ever have a clear idea of what career path I am headed toward?  This week at one of our Fellow’s Learning Sessions we all received some great advice that really resonated with me as I embark on this path discerning process.  We heard from four young professionals in the non-profit sector who each found themselves exactly where they needed to be, not by sticking to a career path or making plans from a young age but by taking advantage of opportunities and being willing to take on new challenges.  None of them had everything figured out immediately upon graduation.  I’m sure many of them still don’t have everything figured out, but each step and experience led them to a new understanding of their passion and place.  One of the biggest decisions facing me and many other recent grads I know is whether to go to graduate school and if so what master’s degree to pursue.  I know that a graduate degree is important and would afford me opportunities that might not be available to me otherwise, but I don’t yet know what my passion is or what I might be willing to spend another two years studying.  This week’s learning session reminded me that not knowing is OK.  Each person on the panel echoed the same piece of advice: get work experience first.  Get to know what you are passionate about and what you really want to do, and then,if you are ready, go back to school.  I may be a chicken running around with my head cutoff not knowing what I want to do, but right now I’m where I need to be.  I’m getting great experience and learning more about what makes me excited, what my passion is.

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