Speeding Up

My work at the Foodbank is really kicking into high gear and I am loving the quick pace. I just sent out the invitations to the workshop on food insecurity I am putting on at the end of my term here, August 6th to be exact and I am compiling articles and summarizing them for my co-workers to gain background information on the different topics that could be discussed during the workshop.

Our summer vistas from AmeriCorp just ended their terms last week so I am also taking over some of the responsibilities of our former vista in Agency Services. This involves visiting produce markets across Columbus and in the surrounding rural counties to conduct surveys and hand out information on SNAP benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, and recipes that include the produce they are picking up at the market that day.

I am also in the middle of doing small interviews with co-workers in other divisions to get a better sense for the Foodbank’s variety and dynamism. This is an on-going learning experience since the Foodbank is so huge. I recently took my parents to see my garden over the weekend and I also took them inside to see some of the warehouse. They were blown away at the depth and volume of what we store and distribute. I was so proud to show what I had done so far. I am feeling like I have real tangible agency in my work and it is really rewarding. The weed in the garden keeps growing too. I am not kidding I think it is 8 feet tall. I will have to attach a picture to one of these posts with someone standing next to it just to put it into perspective. I am almost certain it is not a sun flower. I will keep you all updated on my and the weed’s progress but for now, I am remaining extremely busy so I must sign off.

About ced92615

I am a senior in high schoolabotu to graduate. I am doing an Senior Independent Project
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