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My Home Run Week at RMHC

My ninth week at Ronald McDonald House has been the quickest week yet of the Summer Fellowship program. This week featured a number of fun events that I attended, a Learning Session, and RMHC Intern Appreciation Day! This past Monday … Continue reading

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Head Honcho

So this week, after weeks of preparation, observation, and concentration…I’m in charge!  I’ve been helping with lots of things at camp, and taking over a lot of responsibilities, but this and next week the whole camp is on my shoulders.  … Continue reading

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Less for More or More for Less?

American health care remains a very complex and heavily divided subject. I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while and have been trying to gather my thoughts enough to write it concisely and accessibly, so please bear with … Continue reading

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A Note to Perfectionists

This past week at the food pantry was probably my busiest yet! We had one day of in-pantry demos where clients could learn more about battling hypertension on a pantry diet, a farm market with additional demos on diversifying eating … Continue reading

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Building a Path: Homeport to Tepoztlan

With Week 8 having come and gone I’m left wondering where the heck my summer went! I began the summer looking forward to 10 weeks of great non-profit experience and exposure to important people in the Columbus non-profit sector.  I … Continue reading

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Coffee, Plastic, and Grocery Bags

              Earlier this summer when I would drive to work I started stopping at a local UDF or Starbucks to get my morning coffee. When I would go to UDF the coffee was cheaper than Starbucks but instead of … Continue reading

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A lot of my work at the ALS Association finally started coming together at the end of last week. I started to receive calls back from durable medical equipment suppliers, who we plan to contract with to store the loan … Continue reading

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