Meetings with City, County, and State Government

Last week was busy and rewarding! Meetings took place downtown at the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Franklin County Board of Commissioners Office, Ohio Department of Insurance, with Columbus City Councilmember Mills and Councilmember Craig, and with staff at United Way of Central Ohio, to name a few. Meetings with Councilmember Tyson, OhioHealth and the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio were rescheduled due to conflicts, and will take place in a couple weeks. Throughout all these meetings that took place last week, I was able to retrieve valuable information on Ohio Medicare Savings Programs and Medicaid, as well as resources the patients of the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio can utilize and seek out pertinent to their healthcare or health insurance needs.

Ohio Department of Insurance

Ohio Department of Insurance

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Columbus City Council Office

Columbus City Council Office

Councilmember Craig and I after discussing local policy related to healthcare and education.

Councilmember Craig and I, after discussing local policy initiatives related to health and education.

As the process of enrolling in various savings programs, Medicare, and Medicaid can have some complexity based on one’s financial situation or health insurance needs, providing resources to the patients of the Pharmacy will be of great help and assistance to serving their needs. From the availability of Ohio Senior Health Insurance volunteer counselors to various publications about health insurance options and savings programs, we at the Charitable Pharmacy are committed to serving the growing needs of access to healthcare and pharmacy services to those in Franklin County, and to help assist our patients as needed. I am glad to work at a nonprofit organization that addresses the salient policy subject matter of healthcare.

Resources provided to me about Medicare and Medicaid.

Resources on Medicare and Medicaid.

"Live United" shirt given to me by a staff member of UnitedWay of Central Ohio.

“Live United” shirt given to me by a staff member of United Way of Central Ohio. The Charitable Pharmacy is a United Way of Central Ohio Agency.

This week an eligibility screening process will be developed for new and re-qualifying patients of the Charitable Pharmacy to address their health insurance needs or interests, based on the information I received last week from state, county and local entities. During this process throughout the week, I will work with the Patient Services Coordinators of the Charitable Pharmacy to refer patients to other entities, as needed, based on health insurance related inquiries that one may have.

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