Patient Consulting at the Pharmacy

I cannot believe how fast this summer fellowship experience is going! I am enjoying each and every moment both inside and outside the pharmacy. An eligibility screening process was developed last week for new and re-qualifying patients of the Charitable Pharmacy to address their health insurance interests. Throughout the week, I will continue to work with Patient Services Coordinators of the Charitable Pharmacy to provide consulting services to patients. I received a blue polo shirt with the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio emblem that I will wear some days when consulting with patients.

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, Inc. polo shirt.

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, Inc. polo shirt.

A highlight of last week was the Etiquette Luncheon at The Columbus Foundation. During this learning session, interns from the Advancement Career Exploration Program at The Ohio State University joined us. I enjoyed this experience, as the knowledge gained was useful as I am quickly approaching my transition from college to the professional world; I am graduating in December. Also, having the opportunity to speak with other students about their summer experience was great. An OSU student I spoke with wanted to learn more about fundraising, philanthropy and development, which is why she applied for the internship program. After a conversation with her, she also looked forward to assisting the stewardship team at Ohio State in recognizing, acknowledging and cultivating relationships with current and future donors of the university. As fundraising, philanthropy and development are all essential themes when evaluating the effectiveness, capacity and efficiency of nonprofit organizations, I was glad to engage in this conversation. Moreover, it provided me with the opportunity to reflect about innovative ideas; at the Charitable Pharmacy, we are exploring options to increase our capacity and engagement through development and fundraising.

Former president of The Ohio State University E. Gordon Gee and I after providing him with updates about the summer fellowship experience.

Former President of The Ohio State University, Dr. E. Gordon Gee and I after providing him with updates about my summer fellowship experience.

Last week, I also had the opportunity to attend a gathering on July 3rd to observe the Red, White and Boom display downtown. During this gathering, I saw former President of The Ohio State University, Dr. E. Gordon Gee. I updated Dr. Gee on my summer fellowship experience, and he was excited to hear that it’s going well! Throughout my undergraduate experience at The Ohio State University, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Gee through my experience as an undergraduate research assistant with OSU’s Center for Inclusion, Diversity and Academic Success (iDEAS), where I am conducting research related to various access and achievement topics within urban and higher education policy. Along with healthcare policy being a strong interest of mine, urban and higher education policy issues are as well.

Now, back to consulting with patients!


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