So much to do…so little time!

A short week is both a blessing and a curse! While I was greatly looking forward to the fourth of July, I had a lot of work I needed and wanted to complete before I headed northward to spend the holiday in Michigan.

Last year the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus learned that 86% of their members did NOT
 lose educational knowledge during the summer months and many actually improved their math and reading skills. One of the ways the organization was able to determine the success of the summer brain gain program was because of their evaluation process. This week was one of the most important weeks for evaluation because I had to conduct many of the pre-assessments and member surveys.
I had to conduct member surveys for all members at all four clubs. The purpose of the member surveys was to gauge the members’ views on reading and educational programming during the summer. The hope is that after completing a summer full of educational programs that are also fun they will view educational programming and learning in a different light. If not, we will have a better idea of what works and what does not work.
I greatly underestimated how difficult the evaluation process would be for the 6-8 year old members! I had to stop and read them every question and provide an example that they could relate to. Ms. Ashly and I also had to bribe them with Popsicles…the 5 most attentive and quiet students received one.
Working on the evaluation process has been great and I have learned a lot about putting together a large scale project from start to finish, working with other people, and sticking to a time table. Additionally, the information that we receive from the members about how they view learning in the summer and learning in general will be crucial as we develop programs for members in the future. I cannot wait to receive the results of the surveys! Just glancing over some of the surveys, many of the members have positive attitudes towards reading.
Now that the summer is more than halfway over and I have a decent grasp on my current projects, I believe I will begin working on some new projects in the upcoming weeks so I will keep you posted!
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