Pictures of the Week

Just to give a little update on what I have been up to. I am receiving RSVP’s to my Food Insecurity and Community Gardens Workshop that I will also, now that I remember, send to the Summer Fellows list serve. We are getting a great response of academics, volunteers, civic organizations, and public and private companies. People seem to be forwarding on the flier which is promoting the event even more. I am in the process of the logistics and gathering information on different aspects of food security as well as organizing that information and some resources for those who attend the workshop to get involved in alleviating food insecurity in whatever capacity they so desire.

The garden is doing well too. My eggplants are finally sprouting fruit and I found out that when the soil is too hot for broccoli they actually start to bolt which means they flower. That is right. The little buds on broccoli that we eat are actually baby flowers. I had no idea. I thinned out the carrots because they were too cluttered and we got a donation of about 12 pallets worth of different peppers, tomatoes, and herbs to plant. I took some for our garden but the agencies and pantries that come to our warehouse were able to take what they wanted and plant them back at their locations too. I have gypsy peppers, Hungarian, hot peppers, banana peppers (sweet and spicy), and then many other varieties that I can’t recall. My favorite name so far is the hillbilly tomato. The picture looks like it will be multicolored and huge so I am very excited to see those fruit.

We recently changed our pantry rules and operations, expanding the access to many more clients. This new system just started Tuesday this week and we had at least a 3 hour wait for the clients to shop in our pantry. We almost doubled the amount of families we normally serve. It is a HUGE adjustment but I think that we are accessing more people in need of the food and services we provide so in all it is a positive.

For this weeks Tuesday volunteer shift we received a kit to make a new storage shed that the volunteers and I started on. We had a great turn out so it went pretty quickly. We also harvested the onions which had to have been about 100 pounds worth. They are gorgeous and many different colors. I also thought it necessary to post a picture of the mammoth of what I am sure now is a weed growing in my carrot bed. It is absurd and so huge that I am intimidated to try and cut it down. That is all of the updates for this week. I am remaining very busy and productive so needless to say I am really enjoying the work!


photo 2

Not even a third of the onions

photo 4

photo 5

the monster


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  1. lieboldc says:

    Your monster is a Sunflower!

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