Big Vehicles and Even Bigger Plans

This was the first week I drove the van, and boy did I drive it a lot! The Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus (BGCC) has a summer site at Pheasant Run in Pickerington, OH. It is about a 25 minute drive from downtown Columbus. I had not been to the site yet, and I definitely wanted to make it out there before the summer was over…needless to say, I looked forward to visiting it. On Monday morning I was asked to pick up the teens at the Pickerington site and take them to Bank of America’s office location near Polaris. Although the task was daunting, I looked forward to the trip! I drove 30 minutes to Pickerington, another 30 minutes to Polaris, 30 minutes back to Pickerington, and 30 minutes back to our Westside location! After driving the van, navigating my little Saturn was a breeze! The trip to Bank of America was part of a 4 part career preparation program operated by the Boys and Girls Clubs. The official name is “Career Launch” and the program aims to prepare club members for professional careers and life after high school/college. BGCC partnered with the Attoney General’s Office to bring in personnel to give resume and cover letter workshops. Participating in these workshops was a prerequisite to attend the “field trips”. During the visit to Bank of America , club members had the opportunity to meet with senior executives as well as participate in mock interviews with full time staff-members ranging from mid-level to senior-level employees. The other two events will be held at Nationwide, Chase, and Huntington.
Later in the week I also got to drive the van to COSI, and help pick-up BGCC members at the Southside location for the weekly basketball league game!

I can hardly believe my time is more than half-way over! I continue to be amazed at the wonderful events I can partake in as well as the skills I am always learning or developing. Since my main job this summer was and still is the Brain Gain Coordinator, I am preparing a summary of the program to present to the Board next week! It will be a good review of my summer thus far and provide practice for my presentation to the Columbus Foundation at the end of the Fellowship!

Summer Brain Gain Read books for the elementary school members!

Summer Brain Gain Read books for the elementary school members!


Looks like I have some organizing to do! -BG supplies

Looks like I have some organizing to do!
-BG supplies

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