Welcome to Athens!

One of the Boys and Girls Clubs National programs is Diplomas to Degrees, a college preparation program. Therefore the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus travels to different colleges to expose our teen members to different campuses! This past Friday we traveled to Athens, OH for Ohio University’s Summer Showcase! Let me preface this by saying I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, The Ohio State University, but it was really nice to visit another campus and expose the members to different facets of higher education!

Oh you know, just chilling in front of Crawford Hall!

Oh you know, just chilling in front of Crawford Hall!

The day began with a general overview of the program, a welcome to campus, and an explanation of the admissions process conducted by their Director of Admissions. After the opening session we had the option of attending several academic sessions ranging from Biological Sciences, to Engineering, to Communications. While we were supposed to attend the Engineering session we went to the wrong room at ended up in the session for the Scripps School of Journalism. This was a great presentation to attend because OU’s School of Journalism is one of the best in the nation! I learned that they have a partnership with the Miss Universe Pageant and have several students intern with them. Additionally, they sent some photojournalism students to Brazil for the World Cup!

After the academic session we ate lunch…that is definitely an understatement! We feasted! It reminded me of my days at OSU and Sunday brunch at North Commons! One of the teens asked, “Can we get seconds?” I had to keep myself from laughing because I always get seconds at college cafeterias! We ended the day with a tour of their new union and a residence hall!

And now we feast!

And now we feast!

Tour of the union!

Tour of the union!

The trip was great! The students were really excited to get out of Columbus and see something new. It also started the important dialogue about college. Although most of them were in 8th or 9th grade it is never too early to talk about college! They asked several questions to the admissions representatives, myself, and other students about life in college.




I can’t believe I only have 3 weeks left! Next week, I will have to wrap up the rest of the Brain Gain evaluations, prepare to train other staff to conduct the post-assessments after I leave, and go to Nationwide Insurance for another field trip!

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