A lot of my work at the ALS Association finally started coming together at the end of last week. I started to receive calls back from durable medical equipment suppliers, who we plan to contract with to store the loan closet equipment. Currently, the issue at the loan closet has mainly been finding reliable storage, and historically the chapter has relied on donated space. I think at this point most places are moving towards paying for their space while receiving in kind services from the suppliers, such as new medical equipment or cleaning and repair for the existing equipment.

I was able to get a contract as a template from one of the other chapters in my first couple of weeks here, so now I’ve started to customize it to suit our needs. It’s been great to be able to contact other chapters in the organization who are doing similar work, since they’ve had valuable input and have been willing to share their resources. I think it’s one of the benefits of being part of a larger national organization, which is an experience I haven’t had before.

I also received code that I had requested from the software company that manages the software we use to organize equipment and customers. With it, the care services staff at the ALSA will be able to run a query to determine how often certain pieces of equipment are being used and when they were last checked out. This is vital because if we’re paying to store the equipment, we want to ensure that the equipment that we’re paying to store is being used and that we’re maximizing the space. Some staff members took some convincing for this step, but I think now that they’re able to see what the query does, they’ve realized how much work it will end up saving them in the long run. They’ll no longer have to move around and sort through equipment that they haven’t used and that customers don’t really need.

For the rest of this week and for the next week, I’ll be working on figuring out details and possibly finalizing a contract with our durable medical equipment suppliers. I can’t believe I only have two weeks left, but I’m proud of myself for staying on schedule and I’m glad that I’m starting to see all of my work pay off in a tangible way.

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