View from the Top (literally)

This past week was full of wrapping up my two large scale projects and spending more time with the club members! I finished all of the Summer Brain Gain evaluations and assessments! I am currently working on a detailed guide on how to administer the post-assessments at the end of the summer, which will take place after I leave. Two weeks ago I was able to present the initial successes of the summer brain gain program. After spending so much time on the program it was a great way to concisely explain the program! I am excited to see how the program continues to grow in the upcoming years. The summer has flown by! However, between the evaluations, work with the TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) grant, the college trips, the trips to different corporations, I have gotten a great idea of what the Boys and Girls Clubs focuses on.

This past week I was able to travel to the Nationwide Insurance building in downtown Columbus as part of another “Career Launch” workshop. The event was quite successful! All of the children really enjoyed their time there and the staff members that interviewed and spoke with the club members were insightful, funny, and thoughtful. I can tell they really enjoyed taking the time out of their day to help our members professionally develop. I also learned a lot about the company. One of our members wants to be a sound engineer, and was unsure if Nationwide hires sound engineers. When the question was asked, someone from Human Resources immediately jumped in and mentioned that she just hired two sound engineers to run their audio/visual equipment and in-house auditorium. One of the students wants to be a pilot, and apparently Nationwide employs pilots as well! Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with the visit and it was just another layer of the Boys and Girls Clubs that I was able to experience! The last visit in the “Career Launch” program is on August 7th with Huntington Bank!


View from the top floor of Nationwide!

View from the top floor of Nationwide!

Nationwide Boardroom!

Nationwide Boardroom!



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