My Home Run Week at RMHC

Sean ClippersMy ninth week at Ronald McDonald House has been the quickest week yet of the Summer Fellowship program. This week featured a number of fun events that I attended, a Learning Session, and RMHC Intern Appreciation Day!

This past Monday was Intern Appreciation Day at the Ronald McDonald House and our final Learning Session. For the Learning Session, Dawn Robinson and Mike Schmidt of Cramer & Associates presented about Fundraising, Advancement and Development. Both of these fundraising consultants provided a unique glance into the non-profit sector. I particularly enjoyed Dawn’s part of the presentation on Generational Giving in which she identified the trends in giving for the Baby Boomers, Matures, Generation X and Generation Y. The final part of this presentation was a demonstration of an ‘ask’ for funds. Clippers TicketDan Sharpe and Mike acted out a ‘bad ask’ in which nearly everything went wrong. This was a hilarious way to learn about the etiquette of an ‘ask’ in a stress-free and comical environment. I had the chance to chat with Dawn after the session, which was a great way to talk with an expert in the field that I hope to pursue after graduation.

My BFF Mel on the RMHC Zamboni!

My BFF Mel on the RMHC Zamboni!

As part of Internship Appreciation day, each of the interns was offered two free tickets to the Columbus Clippers game that started at noon. I ended up getting four tickets and a parking pass for the noontime game, so I invited some friends to join me. I had never gone to a Clippers game before, so this was a new experience for me! The reason the HClippers Parking Passouse had these tickets was because L Brands donated their box. Suite 23 was a great view of the game against the Norfolk Tides. My two best friends joined me, so it was a fantastic way to spend a Monday afternoon. After munching on a Chicken Tenders basket and relaxing for nine innings, the Clippers ended up losing 6-5. It was great time to spend with friends so I wasn’t too upset by our loss!

The three of us then drove over to Ronald McDonald House so that I could introduce my friends to the staff. I then proceeded to give them a tour of our 100,000 square foot facility. They both enjoyed the tour and the House, especially the roof top garden.

Our view from the L Brands box!

Our view from the L Brands box!

The very next day featured the Summer Fellowship Networking Event at Eddie George’s Grill on high street. This networking event let the current fellows socialize with a number of the fellows from the past couple of years. I was able to chat the entire time with Erica Phillips, a Summer Fellow from last year and, as it happens to turn out, an old friend and co-worker. Erica worked as an AmeriCorps Vista at Otterbein’s Center for Community Engagement during my freshman year. I had a great time snacking on delicious appetizers, sipping on a nice glass of Moscato and hearing all about how Erica is currently working on her Ph.D.

Eddie George's Grill

Eddie George’s Grill

Things back at the House are slowly coming to an end as I continue to make the finishing touches on my Volunteer Stewardship Plan, say goodbye to the other intern Jillian Kalis, and start planning the Pecha Kucha that I will present next Friday!

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