We started off the week with a visit from the National organization! Columbus was one of the stops on the Triple Play Mobile Tour promoting healthy minds, bodies, and souls. We spent the day playing kickball, basketball, and learning about healthy lifestyles!

Last week, a team from NBC 4 visited to do a story on summer brain gain! It was great to see the kids so excited about summer learning. It was rewarding to see the project I have been working on all summer get such positive attention from the students, parents, and the community at large. A clip of the story can be found below!


At the beginning of the summer I would have been surprised if you told me a representative from the National organization would visit, along with the news in one week, I would not have believed it! Although the week was already jam-packed with activities there was still one more major event!

Last Thursday I accompanied 70 or so of our members to the corner of Broad and High for the launch of our “Great Futures” campaign! The goal of the event was to promote all of the amazing out-of-school programming that takes place at the Boys and Girls Clubs during the summer and throughout the school year! We arrived on the corner of Broad and High at approximately 2:45 p.m. At 3:00 the kids started ringing cow bells to signify that “School’s Out”. The cowbells were definitely a nice touch, because they got everyone’s attention! Everyone was honking their horns and stopping in the street asking the children why they were there. We had several donors and board members attend the event as well. After the club members rang the bells for approximately 2 minutes they began to dance along to the songs “Happy” and “Let it go”. Following the dance party, we began a chant. The staff would shout “School’s Out” and the members would yell, “Club’s in!” One of the best aspects of the entire event was the scrolling marquee. Our logo along with the #GreatFutures slogan was posted on the screens at the corner of Broad and High! It was a great event and definitely helped launch the “Great Futures” campaign. It was nice to be part of the national launch that commenced in Times Square at the same time!

#GreatFutures Campaign Launch!

#GreatFutures Campaign Launch!

I cannot believe I am in my last week! My next post will include a wrap-up of my current projects as well as a reflection on the overall experience!

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