In Conclusion….


                So about a week after my last organized activity with FLOW I am getting ready for a new adventure in my life. I start my law school orientation at Cleveland-Marshall on Monday and will be away from Columbus for some time after I attend tonight’s Crew game and begin to get settled in Cleveland. The Fellowship has proven to be a wonderful capstone of my four years of school and work in Columbus and I am glad to have concluded with both the Foundation and FLOW. Getting to know the many volunteers associated with FLOW has been a joy and pleasure just as it has been getting to know Dan and Melissa with the Foundation. Reading some of the other Fellows posts, I can tell that my experience was not singular, and that we have all gained a great deal from this experience.

                FLOW has taught me a lot about protecting and enhancing our natural resources and  has allowed me to see the positive effect organizations like FLOW can have on a community. As I wrote in my post about Toledo’s emergency, water might be our state’s greatest natural resource. But unless we take care of it, and make people aware that it must be taken cared of then we are no better off than many other places in our world. That is where FLOW has been a positive influence on my own personal awareness, but also has helped this area’s water literacy.

                Moving forward it may be necessary for the things that FLOW has done on a volunteer basis, become the action of municipalities or the state. Tree plantings, and rain gardens can do a lot to prevent and protect our waterways from degradation by both erosion and excess nutrients and are also cheaper than spending more money on retaining walls and at the water treatment plant.  In the meantime FLOW and other environmental organization will do their part to protect both the environment, and our freshwater.               

                Although I am moving on to a new stage in my life, I look forward to seeing the many people that I’ve met over the summer again and to comeback to meet future fellows as well as to be a part of FLOW events when I can. For any potential Fellows out there I strongly recommend this program and hope it continues to harbor and develop students dedicated to the city and its people. Likewise if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors while protecting our environment then please come volunteer with FLOW. Both have been an enjoyment to me and a valuable part of my life.

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1 Response to In Conclusion….

  1. Laura Fay says:

    Dear Chris:
    FLOW benefited greatly from having you help us this summer! Thanks to you and especially the Columbus Foundation Green Team for funding this position. Although we are a 99% volunteer organization, it was a great shot in the arm in having you work full time to help us keep all our projects going and especially in evaluating where we are in tracking our accomplishments in our Watershed Action Plan (the prescription for making our watershed healthy) and making sure we are on track with the watershed cure. Your efforts will help us years into the future. Best wishes in law school and we hope to see you in the watershed again very soon. Sincerely, Laura Fay

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