And So It Begins…

art selfieHey everyone! My name is Jessie Crawford and I have the esteemed pleasure of spending my summer doing two of my absolute favorite things: working with kids and being surrounded by fabulous contemporary art. This summer, I will be working as a Columbus Foundation Summer Fellow at the Pizzuti Collection, serving as their coordinator of their summer Boys and Girls Club Tours and starting their Junior Docent program.

The Pizzuti Collection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization presenting temporary exhibitions of contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. The mission of the Collection is:

“…to foster cultural understanding and educational exchange by championing a diversity of voices from around the globe whose work transcends, elevates the mind and expresses freedoms. We share the belief of our founder that art is fundamental to the individual and the cultural health of a community.”

The mission of the Pizzuti Collection is an important contribution to the Columbus community, and one that I cannot wait to further as a member of their staff this summer.

A little bit more about me, I am a second year M.A. student at The Ohio State University, studying Arts Policy and Administration, which allows me to combine my love of the arts and belief that they are important in the lives of our communities with the practical application skills of nonprofit business management. It is truly a field where I feel at home, by making a difference in the world, especially local communities, and using art as that vehicle for change. I moved into the Columbus community last year from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and immediately felt at home in the city. There are exciting things happening here and I could not wait to get involved and become a part of this energy. I am so excited for this summer because I feel that I really have a chance to make a difference in the Columbus community through the work that I will be doing with the Pizzuti Collection, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus. Stay tuned for my exciting adventures this summer and hang on for what I’m hoping will be a fantastic ride!

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