Hello and Welcome!

I believe that as humans we want two things in life:  Happiness and Purpose.  What allows us to fulfill these two human desires?  A cause, or rather, a deep commitment that a group of people come together in commonality to fight for.

Before we dive any further into the good stuff, I think I forgot something! To introduce myself:  I am Erika Nigh.  I am a twenty year old, full-time college student.  My first two years of my undergraduate degree was completed at The Ohio State Columbus, and now I am studying at Franklin University.  I am pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration Management.  Ultimately, I just want to live life with an open heart and a serving hand.  Today though, I don’t want you to focus so much on who I am because there is plenty of that to come.  What I really want you to be incapsulated with is what I am doing here!

IMG_0849Am I being fulfilled by the two human desires I mentioned at the top? You bet. Am I happy?  Absolutely.  Do I have purpose?  Definitely.  How?  Well for that, you will just have to stay tuned to this site!  The point of my blog is to take you all through those questions by a journey.  More specifically, my 10 week journey as a fellow for the Columbus Nonprofit Foundation, where I am blessed to serve the Central Ohio YMCA’s youth and staff.  I am developing and implementing different programs that help create excitement and memories for kids in the local area.  In other words, the point of my blog is AWESOME!

Follow me through my 10 week journey, and learn about how this cause is continuously bringing me happiness and purpose!  It is going to be an exhilarating, invigorating, and gratifying experience!  Family, friends, co-workers, and visitors, I want to officially invite you on this amazing journey with me.

Living Beautifully,

Erika Nigh

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One Response to Hello and Welcome!

  1. Peggy Nigh says:

    Great Article Erika Nigh ….so very proud of you and can’t wait to reach your Blogs and hear how you are doing great things for others this summer.

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