A Secret Shop of Hubs

Purpose. It is what every team, organization, and person has. What makes a team, organization, or person a stand out is if they live out their purpose. The Central Ohio YMCA’s have a very clear purpose and constantly keep that purpose in front of them. I mentioned purpose in my last blog briefly and I definitely want to give the topic the attention it deserves today.

My supervisor and I were chatting on my first day about how important it will be to get an authentic acclimation with all of the Central Ohio YMCA’s throughout my time serving the organizations. We decided that a great way to get an authentic look at the organizations would be to do a “Secret Shop”. I went to five different branches of YMCA’s in Central Ohio and found that there are definitely differences. I focused on the differences and similarities in Kid’s Time. For the sake of privacy, I will briefly explain two of the branches and call them Branch A and Branch B. Branch A allows children to be without a parent in the facility as long as they are at least nine years old. Because of this, the numbers for tradition Kid’s Time is low. They have very high numbers with their teens camp, which averages thirty teens a day. The demographic at Branch A is younger, more indigent population. Branch B requires children under the age of 12 to attend Kid’s Time unless they are supervised by a guardian. Thus, the numbers are very high for Kid’s time. Their day camp is completely book for the summer for their younger kids.

Obviously, Branch A and Branch B are different, very different. That is plain to see, but what is also plain to see is the similarity. The similarity being the purpose, which is: To serve the whole community through programs expressing Judeo-Chrisitan principles that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body. In my own words, I observed that their purpose is to be a hub for the community that fulfills needs and provides education that is seen fit for that specific community.

The YMCA’s of Central Ohio does an outstanding job of fulfilling their purpose. The amount of time, effort, and care that I see the staff put in on a day to day basis is absolutely incredible. Even more so, the leaders of the YMCA’s put so much thought into constantly keeping their purpose in front of their employees through a positive atmosphere and great communication. Regardless of the location and demographic, it is so encouraging to see a purpose uniting Central Ohio one community after another!10856485_10153009259783415_4079445528116152983_o

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