Data, Data and More Data

This week I mostly worked on my own.  I dug through a lot of numbers, made some general graphs, and finally decided to do an in-depth cost analysis of Disney World flights as my starting point.  I have to individually go through a lot of the data, so it will take awhile.  Disney World makes up around 50% of our wishes every year so an in-depth analysis is worth the amount of time it will take.  I had to refresh myself on a lot of math, such a adjusting for inflation and standard deviation.

The best part of my week was when the CEO asked to chat with me for a few minutes.  It was serendipity because I was planning on going to him to talk a bit about some lobbying MAW started doing recently.  They want to start a state fund that goes towards wish granting agencies in Ohio.  I had a feeling our CEO was behind it because I know he has a background in politics.  After taking non-profit classes and learning how important it is for non-profits to not only serve, but also advocate, I have been thinking about how Make A Wish could incorporate advocacy into its cause.  This fund is a great start.  Our CEO, Doug Kelly, told me a little bit about how MAW was lobbying and the bill they’re lobbying for.  We transitioned to talking about my aspirations in the non-profit field and Doug gave me a lot of great advice.  He suggested I get my hands dirty and do some work that involves mobilizing people and doing advocacy work.  We then discussed my project a little and I updated him, then agreed to check-in every once in awhile.  I look forward to more interesting conversations with Doug and seeing if the bill that includes the wish granting fund is passed.

I hope I get to sit down and talk to some of my other co-workers throughout the summer to learn about their backgrounds and work experience.  Recently, we celebrated one of our employees reaching 10 years with MAW.  It was really inspiring and heart-warming to listen to everyone’s praise for his hard work.  It certainly takes passion for the cause to stay with one organization for ten years.

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