Food FIGHT!!!!

While at ECDI, I’ve mainly been working on grants for our Women’s Business Center, a wonderful program which supports aspiring and established female entrepreneurs with education, facilities and networking resources. However, seeing at we have a very special event coming up on Tuesday, I thought I’d use my blog post this week to give a shout out to the Food Fort. Located in the warehouse right behind ECDI’s main building is a magical place where most of our favorite Central Ohio food trucks call home. The Food Fort is an affordable culinary incubator for mobile food providers, assisting chefs and owners with overnight parking, food safety inspections and three commercial-grade kitchens for food preparation. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a food truck operation, touring the Food Fort is an eye-opening experience. The restaurant business has one of the lowest rates of success, and mobile food providers, whether they are food trucks, food carts or caterers, often lack the facilities and funds needed to make it through the first year. I think it’s great that the Food Fort is able to help foster the culinary culture of Columbus, since our vibrant food scene is one of the main things that I love about my home town.

The Food Fort doesn’t stop at just helping our local food entrepreneurs, it’s also involved in projects to help the greater community. This Tuesday, ECDI is teaming up with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank to sponsor FOOD(truck)FIGHT 2015, an event to raise both awareness and money for those who would otherwise go hungry in our community. Summer is a high demand season for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, and every $1 raised by taking part in FOODFIGHT 2015 will help to provide 4 meals to those in need! If you have a free lunch break, I highly encourage everyone to grab some coworkers and head over to the Columbus Commons from 11:00 am. to 2:00 pm to enjoy some great food for a great cause!

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