Temporarily Out of the Office


I spent a surprising amount of time last week out of the office. Monday though Wednesday, I spent a few hours each day at Prevent Blindness Ohio. One of my main projects this summer to observe, analyze, and document how Prevent Blindness Ohio uses the nonprofit management software that GroundWork group provides. This software enables Prevent Blindness Ohio to keep records of donors, volunteers, clients, etc. and use all that information to easily track and report data. Prevent Blindness Ohio is one of Groundwork Group’s most strategic and successful users of this software. My job is to figure out why and to see if there is even any further room for improvement in the software. This will not only help Prevent Blindness Ohio, but all the nonprofits who use GroundWork group’s information management software. All the people I met with at Prevent Blindness made me feel surprisingly welcome as I made PVO my temporary base camp this week.

Besides going to the Prevent Blindness Ohio office in Grandview, I also helped out at a e-recycling event at Grange Insurance Audubon Center on Friday. GroundWork group teamed up with Community Computer Alliance and set up to take everyone’s outdated or broken technology junk. They were accepting almost everything with a cord (except TVs). I was finally able to get rid of my broken espresso machine! Instead of my usually routine, I set out to the beautiful Audubon Center Friday morning to help set up and take donations. We managed to get a lot of good stuff despite the fear of imminent rain over the city.

With coming in and out of the office throughout the week, the week just flew right by. As I think about future positions I may want to pursue, having a job where I’m not at a desk every day is definitely coming to the top of the list. Especially when working for a nonprofit, where you probably don’t have the coolest office or the best pay, being able to be out and about in the community and see the difference you’re making is definitely huge perk.



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2 Responses to Temporarily Out of the Office

  1. Thanks for your help Sylvia! Glad to have you on board!!

  2. Scott Caine says:

    You are making a big difference. Thank you for the hard work.

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