The Highly-Anticipated Life Lessons Learned From Moving Furniture

Well, here it is… The long-awaited arrival of the most revealing, inspiring blog of all time. The 300 words that will reshape the next 300 years of society. You’ve read many stories about teamwork, but none quite like this (or, maybe you have..).

Alright, overly-dramatic and satirical intro aside, I really do want to talk about an afternoon spent taking apart, picking up, rolling, and re-shuffling furniture. Why, you ask, would such an activity be noteworthy enough to include in a blog specifically designed to showcase the remarkable impact young people in the nonprofit sector? Because, people. That’s why.

Much is made of office dynamics in this place called the “real world”. It is often said that the people in your office can make or break your entire experience. But how often do you really get to spend quality time in the office with co-workers? Sure, there are happy hours all around the city and every once in a while you may run into a cubicle-mate at a weekend arts festival… but it’s rare to share team building experiences in the office (not including mandatory “team building” workshops and retreats). But that’s exactly what happened this week at Clean Fuels Ohio. For a couple hours, we all put aside our tiring efforts to save the world one electric vehicle at a time and we dove head first into an intimidating endeavor: renovating the conference room.

“Out with the old in with the new” is just too simple to describe the process. Measuring, folding, lifting, sliding, and more measuring…

*takes hour break to celebrate the legalization of same sex marriage*

But anyway, this seemingly minor activity turned into a lengthy bonding experience that made me realize how fortunate I am to work in an environment (pun intended) as tremendous as the one here at Clean Fuels. The people really do make all the difference and this adventure (turning the conference room from pic #1 to pic #2) has made it even more clear.


conference room 1

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