A Privilege to Serve

Hello all! This week I’ve been out of the office on a family vacation, working remotely from the sandy beaches of Hilton Head Island.


The view from my “office” for the week.

So since I have been away from the Per Scholas team this week, I thought I would share a bit about my interest in this fellowship and the non-profit sector in general. I have had the privilege of serving with and supporting several non-profit organizations since high school. I’ve served within my church and school for many years, and more recently in my community, so service has been a part of my life for a while now. To be honest, it probably started as a way to build up my college applications, so keep up pushing those extra-curriculars, universities!

Organizations focused on providing HIV/AIDS education and treatment are especially close to my heart and I have had the privilege and the pleasure of serving within two such organizations. I traveled to Swaziland two summers ago and served with The Luke Commission, a medical ministry based in Swaziland that is providing hope and healing across that beautiful country. In Swaziland, I helped set up TLC’s bi-weekly clinics, tested patients for HIV, distributed medications, unloaded entire shipping containers full of medical supplies and donated materials, and worked on a number of other tasks. At the end of the day I was bone-tired and fully aware that this work was done each and every day, whether a team of volunteers was there or not. It was an undeserved privilege to work with TLC and see how their operations are changing lives. The next summer, I put my tireless organizational impulses to good use and served as an administrative volunteer at ARC Ohio. My contributions were simple; anyone could have re-organized a filing cabinet or scanned some documents into a computer. But I was the one with the opportunity to do these things and again I recognized the distinct pleasure of service. These experiences showed me that it is an honor to serve another human being in any capacity.

I share these experiences with you because they are a huge part of the reason why I am here today. As I neared my graduation, I began to look for ways to use the skills I’d acquired in college for the service of others. Then I stumbled upon this incredible opportunity, applied, and was offered a spot amongst these excellent fellows. I realized then more than ever what a privilege it is to serve. Plenty of people wanted this fellowship and were certainly qualified for it, but I was awarded the opportunity. With such a great honor comes a great responsibility—did I just quote Spiderman? Oops!—to work diligently and to do good. It is my hope that I never take the chance to serve for granted and that I always do my best to love others and serve them well.

Be sure to check back next week because it’s the Per Scholas Columbus graduation and I am so excited to share it with you!

About ashley.mcintosh

I'm 22. I'm a recent grad of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Likes include Honey Nut Cheerios, elephants, and new book smell. Dislikes include spiders, soggy french fries, and high heels. I'm trying to live out a Kingdom ethic while still learning what that looks like. I like to write, but I hate to share, so this ought to be interesting. Let's see if anything comes of it. Thanks for stopping by. :)
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