It’s All Worthwhile

My work week was consumed by my desk phone, as I spoke with the representatives of our legal software program, and one hour bled into two, and then three, and then a day, and so on. I am working to improve our understanding and utilization of this software, in hopes of bolstering our organizations efficiency, as well as enlarging our capacity. After my time with Vineyard expires on August 7th, my boss, and the lone attorney leading the Immigration Counseling Services, will be alone, save for her team of volunteers, taking on virtually all of the work for the program. Thus, my efforts at upgrading our usage of the software, although not particularly exhilarating, are abundantly important; more of my boss’ time will be freed up to invest in our clients and continuing to better the practice, enabling her to provide counsel and assistance to more immigrants than ever before.

My time on the phone with sometimes less than helpful customer support representatives is not nearly over, but the time I get to spend in the client meetings each week reminds me of the colossal impact we are having on the lives of our constituents. Our intercession and aid is the difference, for many, between legally living and working in Columbus with their families, and being separated from their loved ones and forced to return to a violent, destitute homeland. Moreover, the majority of those that we serve are children and young adults; knowing that we are helping provide them with a future much brighter than the alternative makes all of the work, irrespective of how tedious some tasks may be, more than worthwhile.

-Abdul Alwattar

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