While the Cat’s Away, the Mouse Will Play

My boss was out for the week, but left me with plenty of direction.  I had a busy week of crunching numbers.  A program manager from a different office suggested that perhaps January was so high because we weren’t using In-Kind as much.  I investigated and found that the amount of IK we use is consistently average.  My second project I’ve been working on is a cost comparison between fiscal year 2014 and 2015.  In the middle of 2015, our chapter implemented some cost saving strategies.  So far, costs have been significantly down in 2015.  I’m doing my own in-depth investigation to be sure it is a direct result of our cost-saving strategies.  I find myself feeling very skeptical that these strategies brought our numbers down so much, and so quickly, although I very much hope it’s true.  It’s tedious business to analyze this because I’m trying to hold the numbers constant by adjusting for inflation, number of wishes per quarter, and number of people who go on each wish.  I analyzed the type of wishes from 2014-2015, breaking it down by National Type, travel vs. non-travel, then domestic vs. international travel.  I found no significant differences.

I had also been analyzing limo costs, but put that on hold.  They’re relatively difficult to analyze because it’s very time consuming and there are a lot of variables.  I found that one Wish Coordinator had much lower limo costs than any other WC, so I emailed her to ask what she does differently.  She attributed it to having many more limo companies in her region than others in our chapter.  This means that she is better able to find limo companies close to her wish kiddos houses, making the ride cheaper.

My project for the summer is a large task and I believe it could be turned into a full or part time position.  That person could develop templates for easy analysis to perhaps sell to other chapters.  The office has been expanding in the past year, so I believe it would be feasible to add a permanent Program Researcher position.

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