The Big Move

So this blog post may be a bit late. On top of work and the learning session last week, I finally got the keys to my first apartment on Thursday. It was a moment I have been looking forward to all summer, but anyone who was in Columbus this weekend could probably have told you that it was not the best weather for moving. Between the torrential downpour on Friday and the rental truck with only one working turn signal, our move was anything but smooth sailing. To top it all off, our apartment has what I would lovingly refer to as “quirks.” The toilet stopped flushing on Saturday morning, there’s white carpeting in the dining area, our front door jams and our spacious backyard is currently looks like an uncharted wilderness. What I thought would be a fun weekend of unpacking and putting the final touches on our apartment has become a logistical puzzle and daunting fix-it project with no end in the foreseeable future.
Walking into work on Monday after a stressful and exhausting three days, I was immediately thankful for the kindness of my coworkers. Each one of them asked how my move had gone and listened earnestly while I vented about the trials and tribulations of getting renters insurance and collectively agreeing on a floor plan. When I started to space out in a Development meeting halfway through the day, my boss, Tammy, reacted with genuine concern rather than disapproval. The group nodded understandingly when I explained that I had been up past 3 a.m. scrapping mold and mildew from the bathtub so that I could take a shower in the morning. Tammy even suggested I work from home a bit this week so that I can keep my hours more flexible while we’re still settling in. I’m beyond grateful that I have amazing coworkers who care not only about the well-being of the public but about the health and happiness of those directly surrounding them as well.

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