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It’s All Worthwhile

My work week was consumed by my desk phone, as I spoke with the representatives of our legal software program, and one hour bled into two, and then three, and then a day, and so on. I am working to … Continue reading

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Building community at “porch sit”

Theatre director Anne Bogart writes in her blog post “Community”, “The subject of the theater is not only the fictional community within a given play but also the actual communities that come together within the time set aside for performance: … Continue reading

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The Power of Storytelling

One of the best parts about this Summer Fellowship experience has been the learning sessions at The Columbus Foundation.   Every other week, the fellows take time out of their busy work schedules to come together to learn more about … Continue reading

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Raising Up Future Leaders

We have to have a focus on Youth Development. We have to raise up future leaders. One of the ways that I find this to be achieved is through programming. There are two things that I have realized this past … Continue reading

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The Highly-Anticipated Life Lessons Learned From Moving Furniture

Well, here it is… The long-awaited arrival of the most revealing, inspiring blog of all time. The 300 words that will reshape the next 300 years of society. You’ve read many stories about teamwork, but none quite like this (or, … Continue reading

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A Break in the Case

Last week was extremely exciting for me.  I had been compiling a large amount of data on flights to Disney.  I finally finished converting the data into graphs and before me I saw a pattern.  It appeared that flight costs … Continue reading

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Temporarily Out of the Office

I spent a surprising amount of time last week out of the office. Monday though Wednesday, I spent a few hours each day at Prevent Blindness Ohio. One of my main projects this summer to observe, analyze, and document how Prevent Blindness Ohio … Continue reading