Blogs, reports, and brochures, oh my!


GroundWork group’s new blog!

Yesterday, GroundWork group launched a new blog in celebration of their 10th anniversary. Go check it out here! Though I haven’t really had that much to do with the blog, they were inspired my the blogging that the fellows are doing when considering starting their own. They will mostly be posting technology and nonprofit advice, but will also be hosting some guest bloggers on occasion. It’s always an exciting thing to witness an organization trying something new – I’m looking forward to seeing the response they receive.

I was at Prevent Blindness Ohio again this week in order to get some of the last key pieces of information for my research project. I feel like I have compiled most of the information I need for my report on how their information management system can be more efficiently used, now comes the task of combining everything into a complete document.

One of the things I’ve had the most fun with this week was working on redesigning GroundWork group’s flyers and brochures. It’s nice to take a break from the research and embrace my creative side. I’ve recently discovered this awesome (and free) website called where you can create different photos and documents using their stock layouts, shapes, text designs, and more. I’ve been using it in my personal life, so I decided I’d give it a shot for professional use. I don’t necessarily think I would use Canva to create a finished look (for the types of things I’m working on at least), but it’s a good way to sketch out ideas before drafting final layouts in InDesign.

Working on the brochure

Working on the brochure

I’m looking forward to the upcoming long weekend to take a bit of a break. The summer is rushing by and I have so much work to do before it’s over! Have a good 4th of July everyone! (I created the image below on Canva – I’m seriously addicted haha)


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