I’m back and ready for action!

Greetings! Sorry about the absence this past week! I was out of town and visiting family in North Carolina this past week. It was a great time of sun, boating, tubing, and living the White Lake Life as we like to call it. However, I am now back in Columbus and back in action at the Pizzuti Collection.

While I was gone, we had our first week with our new junior docents. I am immensely grateful for the help and support of my coworkers and interns, who really stepped up to the plate this past week, filling in for me and getting the JD’s oriented here at the museum.

I came back to work Tuesday to a lot of changes! We have our freshly hung This Just In: New Acquisitions exhibition (it is AMAZING, I highly recommend coming to the Collection and giving it a look!). With a members opening that evening, and the Collection is now open to the public 5 days a week! Tuesday- Saturday 11-5. This has changed traffic through the Collection, but it is exciting to see visitors in everyday that I work now! We have also started giving tours to the Boys and Girls Club Summer groups twice a week, so the daily routine has definitely been lightly shaken up a bit.

Back to the Junior Docents, now. I have the pleasure of working with 6 teens from the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus(Pictures and more info to come in these next few weeks). They will be learning the ins and outs to museum nonprofit work and training to become docents for our Fall Exhibition, Us Is Them. They were placed at the Collection through the BGCC summer SOARhire program and we are delighted to have them. They are at the Collection Tuesday-Saturday learning and working alongside our staff here. We do a number of activities that provide job training for the teens. We work on skills such as customer service skills, cashiering skills, public speaking, researching, presenting, the list goes on an on. We do, however, have the privilege to take kind of a unique focus with our program by focusing on art and art related concepts such as creativity in this job training. I think the Junior Docents will (hopefully!) leave this summer with a new appreciation for art and a unique and creative, outside-the-box, perspective on the kinds of skills it takes to be successful in today’s working world.

The first week (though shortened by the holiday) has been excellent here. The JDs are really starting to take ownership and a sense of pride in the Collection as their place of employment and a part of their city’s cultural landscape. Hopefully this will follow them at the end of the summer.

Well that’s about all for now! I will check back in with you all next week and let you know how everything is going!

Stay Classy, Columbus.


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