Learning about Columbus through survey results

Cbus neighborhoods CB

An image from the “Captain Blood” survey report

This week I primarily focused on finishing a survey report to share with Actors’ Theatre Managing Director, Adam Simon. I’ve been deeply immersed in these numbers for three weeks, so it was nice to sit down and talk through what these numbers tell us about ATC’s audiences. Although this particular report, which looked at the data from 187 survey respondents, is not a large enough sample size to make generalizations about our audiences, it did point toward trends and patterns I think we’ll see when we have our goal sample size of 500 respondents. The survey report I created was an opportunity for me to try out different methods of analyzing the data, show them to Adam, and get his feedback on what else ATC would like to learn from the data as I create halfway and final reports.

I’m learning quite a bit about Columbus by working on the survey results. I’ve been looking up census data for Columbus and surrounding suburbs to compare our audience demographics to city and state demographics. I spent a whole day attempting to categorize neighborhoods in Columbus into broader geographic groupings so I could sort our survey data a different way, and discovered that despite a seemingly comprehensive listing of neighborhoods on Wikipedia, I’m not sure anyone has a definitive listing of every neighborhood our respondents name as their own. In the Wikipedia article, I learned that my neighborhood, just north of OSU’s campus,and a subcategory of “University District,” is called “SoHud,” (South of Hudson). On some level, I think: really? But I also really love the specificity, and the knowledge that these neighborhoods have a particular character that lends itself to its own name.

This weekend I have Friday and Saturday nights off, an unusual event for me. I’m looking forward to spending my first 4th of July in Columbus and taking in some fireworks on Saturday in Clintonville (North Clintonville, to be exact about the neighborhood). Happy 4th!

About Sarah Ramey

I'm Sarah Ramey, a dance artist living in Columbus, OH.
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