An Etiquette Lunch, Two Busy Visits, and a Packed Week!

I started off Monday morning by continuing to research some dental clinics for our project exploring different models of safety net clinics. I found this project to be a great learning experience because I can see how different organizations accomplish a similar mission through different approaches.

For lunch, I attended a business etiquette learning lunch at the Columbus Foundation with the other Fellows and the Ohio State Advancement Career Exploration (ACE) interns. The ACE interns are undergraduate and graduate students from Ohio State that have been selected to work with different organizations with Ohio State Advancement, which is “a university-wide initiative that integrates alumni relations, communications and marketing and fundraising.” It was cool to meet the ACE interns and learn about the projects and organizations within Ohio State they were working on, such as University Communications, Medical Center, and the university’s Annual Giving Campaign.

Dana Booth, the Assistant Vice President, Constituency Fundraising, at Ohio State led the etiquette session through a fun and humorous approach! It was great to remember the basics about etiquette. I also learned about what to do in some specific situations I had never thought about or experienced before, such as proper etiquette and advice for a lunch interview. I finished up the day with a check in meeting with Laura to go over all of my assigned projects and determine a plan for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, I looked online for different volunteer recognition programs at other non-profits that we could integrate into our volunteer program. I didn’t find much, but I was surprised that there are a few private, for-profit organizations out there that consult non-profits and other organizations on their volunteer programs. Some sites had quite a few comprehensive resources about all aspects of volunteer, including Energize, Inc. which had a lot of resources. I called a principal from each school district to see if I could set up meetings to discuss our outreach program and possible expansion to their school and school district. Most schools were out of the office until late July or early August, however, a Columbus City Schools high school just down the street from our clinic is still open. Their principal was out of the office, but I will be giving them a call later this week.

We visited a WARM Summer Lunch Program event at Northetown Park in Westerville on Wednesday. It was a very similar site to the other WARM events. We had about 30 kids throughout the day and we played our usual activities with the kids. The kids loved it! It was great seeing the kids have fun and learn a lot. Since the weather was not some kids did not come the day we were there. We also left 40 extra goodie bags at the site for the next few days so the WARM staff at the site would be able to hand out bags to the rest of the kids.


Starting our games and activities with the WARM Summer Lunch Program kids


Brushing Bob the Dragon!


Thursday morning, I prepped for our visit to Pheasant Run, a housing development that Homeport Ohio works with. This was our second visit with Homeport, but we saw a lot more kids this time around! This event was also unique because it was hosted at the housing development’s community center, where Homeport set up a produce market with fresh fruits and vegetables, financial planning and financial counseling workshops, and tables with books the kids could take. We had the children of the families at the event visit our table outside the community center. The Boys and Girls Club also had a summer program hosted at the community center, which many of the children of the families living the housing development attend. In addition to the children at the event, we also got to see all of the children at the Boys and Girls Club event. We had two new volunteers, Ivanna and Cybill, join us, and Eric took pictures and recorded extensive video at this event! I’ve included several of Eric’s pictures in this post! I’m excited that we’ll be able to use these photos for our outreach materials.


Two of our outreach volunteers, Cybill and Ivanna at our Homeport Ohio visit outside the Community Center at Phesant Run housing development in Renyoldsburg, Ohio


Me getting really fired up about those stained eggs


A small portion of the free produce market provided by Homeport Ohio at their event, in addition to the financial literacy workshops


Pheasant Run Community Center

Today, I have been at the clinic all day finishing up some projects I started. For the rest of the day, I’m planning on finalizing the research project and outreach brochure. I’ll be giving a call to the Centennial High School principal this afternoon and also be taking a look at our volunteer and site surveys. It’s been a great week, but it went by way too quickly! Today will be a great day to get the work I’ve been doing since the beginning of the summer done, and then move on to some more projects!

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