Week 5 was a full week and a big one for Make A Wish. We had been pushing for the budget to be passed for Ohio because it includes a wish granting fund. I helped do a little lobbying on behalf of MAW. It was so out of my usual routine that I was kind of giddy doing it. It was fun to leave passionate phone calls about a mission I care about and I almost felt like I was playing a different person because I’m usually allergic to politicking. It was suspenseful to wait for the results. It passed the house and the senate, leaving it all up to Kasich. MAW made one finally push and it paid off. The budget was successfully passed and the fund will help wish granting organizations in Ohio grant many more wishes to children with life threatening and debilitating diseases. I’m impressed by MAW for branching into advocating on behalf of the cause. So any non profits that are service based and c3’s are afraid of advocacy work, but it’s so necessary.

A personal accomplishment this week was finishing my cost analysis, except for the Theme Parks, Excursions, Activties, etc. expense category. It’s a relatively difficult category to examine because it’s so diverse in the type of expenses it covers. It really could just be labeled as “Fun” because I think that defines it better. I wrote up my conclusions and passed it along to my boss. Our costs are down 9% for the first three quarters from last year. We implemented cost saving strategies in January of this year. My goal was to tease out what decreases were from things we implemented and things beyond our control.  It’s hard to determine exact numbers, but I could determine that our strategies with regards to airfare definitely affected by our strategies. This is important because airfare makes up the majority of our costs. It’s great to be able to confirm that our strategies are working in such an important category. I look forward to getting feedback and questions from our Program Managers and my boss.

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