From etiquette lunch to bowling alley

Monday may have been my most varied day in the almost six weeks I’ve spent as a Summer Fellow. I started the day at an Etiquette Lunch led by OSU’s Assistant Vice President for Constituency and Fundraising, Dana Booth, with the Summer Fellows and the Advancement Career Exploration (ACE) interns from OSU. Our groups mixed up at tables around a room at the Columbus Foundation, and Dana gave us information and instructions through each of the four delicious courses. A few highlights: I learned about keeping my wrists on the table during a meal (Dana frequently called out “wrist check!” as we ate), and how to eat soup properly.

I loved how Dana explained etiquette: it’s less about the rules, and more about making guests feel comfortable. Seen in that light, the myriad instructions we received serve a really important function toward establishing rapport among individuals who may not know each other, or know each other well.


Dayton and I as the young sweethearts and Philip as the tough guy at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl

After the etiquette lunch, I worked for a couple of hours at Actors’ Theatre, mostly reaching out to survey participants to request that they fill out a more comprehensive online survey. Then I took part in a photo shoot at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl, a really awesome bowling alley located on South High. Actors’ Theatre is doing a fundraiser there (and you’re invited!) in mid-July, and they wanted to take some publicity shots to advertise the event. So me, ATC wardrobe manager/actor Dayton Willison, and Interim Artistic Director Philip J. Hickman got dressed up in our 50’s finest and went down to the bowling alley with a photographer, Managing Director Adam Simon, ATC Board Chair Carol Mullinax, and ATC stage manager Alexa Raasch. It was a party. Philip created a loose storyline, and we staged our shots to create a narrative. As I love to get dressed up and dance in public places, I really enjoyed myself. You can see the full montage of our bowling alley drama here.

About Sarah Ramey

I'm Sarah Ramey, a dance artist living in Columbus, OH.
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