Week at a glance

This week was full of etiquette, design, and collaboration. I’ve been taking a break from my main research on our information management system and been working on some design projects with help from some coworkers.

On Monday, the fellows connected with the Advancement Career Exploration interns for a lunch to learn about proper business etiquette in dining situations. We were someIMG_2710 refreshed with some classic tips about which fork to use and learned some new tidbits such as keeping your wrists on the table (wrist check!). Besides the obvious of learning etiquette, it was an afternoon filled with catching up the fellows, networking, and some pretty good food.

Tuesday, I’ve started working on a comprehensive design for a new website for GroundWork group. It’s something that I never really thought I would do, but after crafting a report about ways the site could be improved, I thought I would spend some effort trying to visualize what I writing about. I created a initial layout and design based on other website templates that offered the visual characteristics I was looking for, and am now aiming to create a page organization structure that is intuitive for the visitor. I probably won’t be there for when any website redesign becomes reality, but I hope the template I’m working on will help them when they finally do.

image1On Wednesday, I met with our website designer to go over my ideas as well as collaborate on new ideas for the website and beyond. I kept working on the website design and did some research for some other projects. In my personal life, my roommate and I are now dogsitting!

Thursday, I met with our Marketing director to talk about the brochure and flyer designs I’ve been working on. I just have some rough drafts right now, but I’m hoping to craft final products that can be used for their outreach efforts.

Friday isn’t over yet, but I’ve been putting the final touches on everything I’ve been working on this week. This week has flown by because I’ve been working on some really engaging things. I love embracing my creative side, especially when it comes to marketing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this last month of the fellowship turns out!

Also, check out this week’s GroundWork group blog post, I’m featured for the work I’ve been doing with them.

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1 Response to Week at a glance

  1. We have been impressed by the talent and flexibility of our wonderful intern, Sylvia!

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