My First Official Interview!

I finished my Theme Parks, Etc. analysis and drew some possible conclusions as to why cash expenses increased in 2015.  I believe it can be attributed to wishes to go to major sporting events in the past year, such as the Superbowl and National Championship game.  Tickets are very expensive and we usually buy those outright.  I think aside from being able to explain financial changes from FY 14-15, it was very helpful for my future goal of creating instructions on how to analyze costs going forward.  I found a few ways we could restructure the way Wish Coordinator’s describe expenses in the notes section going forward that would help with cost analysis.

Last Friday, I took a break from my normal routine and helped to roll up some flyers.  We need to warn people living in the area of our walking path for Walk for Wishes that we’ll be making noise in their neighborhood for a few hours.  It was fun to hang out with the interns and Development Officers.  I was the Development Intern last year so we laughed about memories from last year.  For example, after my internship I received an email from my former boss with the subject line “We’re Thinking about Using this for our Facebook Banner”.  I opened it to find a picture of me standing around, munching on a doughnut, instead of an action shot of me volunteering, thanks photographers! Our Walk is coming up on and I encourage everyone to sign up! It’s fun AND you get to be a part of helping us to grant wishes.  I’ll be walking with a team and any of you are welcome to join it.

Last but not least, I was interview by my hometown newspaper! I’ll include the link below.  I took my time crafting my answers and passed them along to marketing to review. I was really flattered when they replied back that I “have done a great job of conveying our mission and what we try to accomplish, through your own words and viewpoint.  You have eloquently answered all the questions and I don’t really have anything concrete to add or change”.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been interviewed by a newspaper and I was so happy I was able to articulately talk about my fellowship and convey our mission well.

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