This Week at the Y!

This past week with the Fellowship has been full of great fun! Monday started at the Columbus Nonprofit Foundation, which was awesome. All of the Columbus Nonprofit Fellows met at the foundation for lunch. This was not just any regularly catered lunch though! We were joined at noon by our fellowship partners from The Ohio State University. We were not able to chat too much with our fellow partners because we were in training for lunch. This was a special training, an etiquette training! There were approximately thirty fellows and advisors who all got to enjoy a four-course lunch and learned how to properly eat a meal!

Obviously Monday was a great start to the week, but the programmed kids time for the week was very exciting! The first program was done on Tuesday at the Gahanna YMCA. The theme was Beach Day. A typical beach is hot and sandy with the water hitting your feet! Well that was not exactly how our beach day went! We had a lot of rain or cold weather, so we brought the beach inside! The first activity that we did was making giant popsicle masks- isn’t that the first thing a kid wants when it’s hot anyway? They were a huge hit among our kids at Gahanna. We then made homemade ice cream. This was an adventure for sure, but so simple! All we did was use ice, salt, half-and-half, sugar and vanilla extract. The kids had to shake the bags for about 10 minutes and ice cream formed! It was the perfect snack to go along with our beach day. We then played a basic water game with our kids indoors. I was very pleased with the results at Gahanna! At the North Branch YMCA, we did all of the same activities. Unfortunately, the Ohio weather struck again! Thus, we were inside. Surprisingly, the activities did not go as well with the kids. Every week I take data ratings from the kids to see what activities are good to repeat. What I have noticed over the past 6 weeks is that the Gahanna Branch kids love crafts and playing indoor games. The North Branch loves to play outside and athletic activities!

Stay tuned for next week as we “Bring the Farm to the City”!

Living Beautifully,

Erika Nigh

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