A Plan Comes Together (Sort of…)

I have chosen a career in filmmaking. With this power, comes great responsibility.


imageThe ups and downs of filmmaking are either very high or very low. A body of work can come together smoothly but rarely does it go “perfectly” from start to finish. The difference between a great film and a good film is how the director adjusts to the issues he/she is presented with. There will always be problems during production but there is always a solution to the problem. In some cases, I find that the problems I am presented with often directly lead to a better overall product. Mistakes and issues bring out the best (or worst) in a film director.

Let me apply this theory to my current project in shooting a video series for Habitat For Humanity MidOhio through The Columbus Foundation. When I first began my ten week experience in my new workplace, my first job was to figure out what videos I was going to create. I went around to every department head and spoke to them about certain ideas they wanted to pursue. I assured them that the tentative video ideas they were conjuring in their minds were completely realistic and that I was excited to get started. However, as always, I was presented with an issue.

When you shoot documentary style videos the main concern on a daily basis is scheduling interviews. It is important to contact people who will do a great job of telling the same story that you, as the director, have in mind. But once you have a list of all the people you like to interview and somehow collect their contact information, you must convince them to do a video interview. Believe it or not, even in the 21st century filled with new technological advancements everywhere you look, people absolutely HATE being on camera. So what begins as a list of 20 potential interviews is quickly narrowed down to 3 scheduled interviews. This is scary when you have only 10 short weeks to complete a series of films. In short I have received lots and lots of “no thanks” and “my schedule is too hectic”. My list of potential interviewees continues to get shorter and shorter as does my length of time to complete these videos. It is time for me to figure out a solution to this  problem. I have a short amount of time to adjust, regroup, and rewrite.

The good news is that I am still getting great interviews with people all around the city of Columbus including donors, families, and volunteers. The message that will come from the content I already have pulled together will be spectacular. But I still have lots of work to do. Where there is a will there is a way. Stay tuned for a great product.

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