Summer is almost over!

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I have to be honest. As these weeks starting to fly by, it is getting more and more difficult to remember every detail that has happened each week as the whole summer seems like a rainy blur. This blog offers a much needed period of reflection on what I’ve accomplished in a week, but without recounting the events day by day it all turns into somewhat of a weekly jumble.

However, the standout of the week was definitely Wednesday. The fellows started off the morning with are regular learning session and were able to sit down with the Doug Kridler, CEO of The Columbus Foundation, and Jason Moore, founder of Fulcrum Creatives. We learned about their backgrounds and organizations and got advice about the nonprofit world, branding, and some good reads.

Following the learning session, the fellows were invited to visit the fellowship host site Economic Development Community Institute for some (really good!) lunch and a tour of their organization. I was not familiar with ECDI prior to going on the tour, but now I am majorly impressed. Besides helping yummy food trucks, they are one of the leaders in helping individuals start small business and gain education/resources to live a better life. We were joined by our supervisors from our own host sites for the lunch/tour. It was a great experiences learning about ECDI, but also seeing how all of our organizations can collaborate in the future. Thanks again for Bryn and ECDI for having us!

At my own host site, I’ve been busy trying in my attempts to conclude some of the projects I’ve been working on. I was able to present some of my analysis from my research at Prevent Blindness Ohio to my supervisor and my coworkers. I’m still working on going through some secondary research for my final software report. I have wrapped up my work on a website analysis and redesign. I’m continuing to work on a potential client database that will hopefully be a valuable resource. I’m expecting work to be pretty busy as we all race to that August 7th finish line.

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