A Different Perspective

I am a big believer in the power of perspective.  The catch to this is not just the power of your perspective, but the understanding in others perspectives.  I will fully admit that this is really hard to do at times, for many reasons.  One reason may be your personality type.  Another could be an overall lack of experience.  Also, your upbringing and the values instilled within you.  Nothing that I am going to be sharing today goes quite that deep.  Rather a different perspective that I experienced this week at my fellowship with the YMCA’s of Central Ohio.

I was sitting at my desk early in the week, and a little girl came into our staff room.  She said “I hurt”.  As you can tell, she was very young, probably no older than five years old.  On top of age, she also had a speech impediment.  Come to find out, her name was Delaney and she is adopted.  She is a pure joy and has a beautiful spirit! This little girl came in and showed me her arm.  She had some sort of allergic reaction all up her arm and it looked painful!  At that moment, the staff was going to start their weekly meeting.  I asked if Delaney could hang out with me until her mom got there.  I was incredibly blessed by that little girl’s presence for almost an hour!  We colored and chatted about her day.  It was awesome!

How does this deal with perspective?  Well obviously, the perspective of the pain the little girl was in would not be fun.  More importantly, I pictured the staff members who work there year round on a regular basis.  They exhibit so much patience and love to children just like Delaney every day!  One of the YMCA’s biggest goals is to delight families.  This is how families are so delighted at the YMCA’s of central Ohio.  Staff members and camp staffers always serve and love on children… even when they don’t feel well!  Needless to say, it was an inside look at the lives of staff members… It provided a different perspective!

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