Summer Fellowship Had Me a Blast

I had a fantastic week.  Wednesday was so much fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and learning about the CEO of the Columbus Foundation, along with the presentation on brand. I think I could have listened to the CEO talk about himself for hours. The conversation on brand was interesting for me because I found the questions easy to answer – what do you do? how do you do it? why does it matter?  MAW has one goal we all work towards. I think we would all answer those questions the same. It will be interesting, going forward, to work at a different non-profit and see if I can answer those questions easily.

ECDI was so cool.  The building had an amazing vibe and everyone there was so friendly.  I’m so impressed by the work that they do. It was fun to meet the other fellows supervisors. My boss was unable to intend so I brought along my boss from last year, John. The food truck food was delicious so I tried to sell him on the idea of getting a food truck to our office.

When I got back, I saw our MAW CEO and asked him a quick question about our relationship with other wish granting organizations, only to end up chatting with him in his office for half an hour.  We talked about the 5 year plan and he showed me how he talks to donors by having me act as one.

Also, I completed my first draft of a guide to analyzing costs.  I created it to standardize the way costs are looked at going forward. Currently, I’m having an intern use it to create a cost analysis comparison between June of this year and June of last.  I have already analyzed June, so I’m able to compare her results to mine to see what I need to tweak on the guide.  It took me easily three weeks to really feel like I had the hang of what I was doing so I can’t imagine it’s very easy for her right now. I’m very grateful for her help.  I went to check-in and ask how it was going.  I hope to have a final draft by the end of the week.

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