A New Perspective

Last summer, I had the privilege of working for the Department of Administration in my hometown of Tallmadge, Ohio. There I learned valuable lessons about how local government functions — in relation to the citizens and in relation to other levels of government. The federalist system of government we have here in the United States inhibits local governments to apply for federal and state grants in order to fund certain projects such as building a new school or repaving a road. During my time at the City of Tallmadge, I learned a great deal about this process from the local government perspective but now at Clean Fuels Ohio, I get to see things from the other side.

Here in Ohio we have the Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) — which allows the state and various organizations like Clean Fuels Ohio to partner with local municipalities in order to fund development projects. Recently I have been putting together profiles for local governments around the state, looking for potential partners for Clean Fuels Ohio. We have already partnered with local municipalities such as Hamilton County and the City of Toledo. Prior to this experience with Clean Fuels Ohio I was not aware of how much impact the nonprofit sector has on these local and state government interactions.

Partnering with local governments and the LGIF, Clean Fuels Ohio is able to promote efficiency for vehicle fleets — saving money for local governments already on tight budgets. The LGIF promotes service sharing and cost-saving measures through the use of grants, loans, and scholarships. Clean Fuels Ohio takes great pride in being able to connect local governments to these sources and we are extremely excited for future partnerships.

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