A Blog About Blogging

Today at our bi-weekly Columbus Foundation Learning Session, I talked about the difficulty of writing quality blog posts when much of my work currently isn’t public information. But walking back to work in this “lovely” warm weather I thought to myself, “Hey wait a minute…. that sounds like it could be a good blog post.” So here it is — my Seinfeld-esque “blog about blogging”.

ASeinfeld_V2_460x285s I’ve touched on in previous blog entries, I am responsible for contacting local officials across the great State of Ohio to engage in conversation about Clean Fuels Ohio and the work we do partnering with other organizations and municipalities. This is exciting work for me. I love feeling involved in the political process, particularly at the local level where policy has a tremendous tangible impact on citizens. Setting up these meetings and calls and emailing back and forth with city officials and administrators is, as the kids say these days, “my scene”. But unfortunately, I cannot share this information with the internet. If City “A” happens to stumble on the Summer 2015 Fellows blog and reads an article about Clean Fuels Ohio attending a planning meeting at the City “B” Library, it puts me and more importantly our organization in a very bad situation.

*It would be like if Jerry asked a girl out but she declined because she claimed to be out of town, only for him to see her out the next night with Kramer. But I digress…

Additionally, my other large project entails communicating with public and private fleet operators regarding our Midwest Green Fleets Forum in September. I receive data from these fleets that will determine whether or not they are eligible to be certified — which again is exciting information that I just cannot share in this medium until the results are made public in September, long after the summer fellowship ends. All of this work is beginning to turn out tangible results and hopefully by next week I will have some solid numbers to share. Peace, love, and GO BUCKS.

*This Seinfeld reference was brought to you by countless hours spent inside watching TBS due to two months of nonstop rain

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