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A walk through the woods

Yet another great week of experiences, here at Shepherd’s Corner, to add to the books! On Wednesday I had the privilege to survey the wildlife with Jim Davidson. He is a retired pathologist (a physician who examines tissue, checks the … Continue reading

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Burning that Candle at Both Ends

I’m not gonna lie or sugar coat this…this week was stressful! Between a busy week at both work and at school and at home, I have been running on fumes here. So I’m just going to take a few moments … Continue reading

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Week 8 is Complete! Outreach Visits and Summer 2015 Open House

Last Saturday, we had a unique outreach visit to Common Ground Free Store, which is a store where all items are free. Items are donated to the free store, and when we were there, we saw clothes, shoes, diapers, small … Continue reading

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Data is the Key

I’ve said this the past couple of weeks, but I still can’t believe the fellowship is soon coming to an end. I’ve been working hard to wrap up my final report and putting the finishing touches of other projects. It’s been … Continue reading

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A New Perspective

Last summer, I had the privilege of working for the Department of Administration in my hometown of Tallmadge, Ohio. There I learned valuable lessons about how local government functions — in relation to the citizens and in relation to other … Continue reading

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Build It Yourself!

This past week was great!  Just a refresher for you all, I work with the YMCA’s of Central Ohio.  There I develop and implement programs for their Kid’s Time.  Their Kid’s Time is a paid member service that kids ages … Continue reading

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Reflection Time

I am currently sitting at my desk, in between editing multiple video projects, and I had a sort of “awakening”.  It is just now dawning on me that I am finally a working professional. I know, I know, that sounds … Continue reading

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