Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hey everyone!

First off, thank you to anyone and everyone who has been following my summer adventure of working for a nonprofit arts organization! It has been an absolutely phenomenal learning experience and…I get to continue working here in the fall! (guess they liked me!)

This fall, I will be continuing with my fellowship duties of coordinating the Junior Docents (who also get to continue working this fall), working with assisting training the adult docents, coordinating our educational outreach to Columbus area school districts, grant writing and grant research, as well as working on the internship program. And did I mention I’ll be doing this while finishing my Master’s degree full time and working as a TA? It is going to be a busy next year for sure, but I am IMMENSELY excited for the opportunity to continue working for this organization that is truly enhancing the cultural fabric of the Columbus arts and culture scene.

This week was no less hectic. We actually had a decent amount of tours that we gave this week. By we, I mean my Junior Docents and I, because they have been working so hard and are finally ready to assist on tours. They have been such a blessing on these tours as it gives me a chance to catch my breath! 11806788_10207517870125167_810539787_o

We had the pleasure of hosting the Pheasant Run Boys and Girls Club Summer Program this past Wednesday. It was a great group to take around the galleries. The kids were so engaged and extremely inquisitive and excited about the artwork. It reminded me again about how important the work is that we do here. We had the chance to give these kids an amazing (I hope) experience outside of what they do everyday. 11800805_10207517869485151_1154049264_o11821368_10207517868845135_1849352948_oIt is not uncommon for school-aged tours to sometimes get a little loud, but these guys were loudly discussing the artworks because they were so excited and engaged. It was so much fun!

Even more fun that I am looking forward to this weekend is our free Family Day event that we host once a month to bring in the community to the galleries free of charge. It is a fun day with a larger volume of guests, so there is much more interacting with the guests and larger tour groups. It is such a fun day and if you’re looking for something to do, stop on by and say hi! I would love to see you!

Til next time,


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