Summer Celebration!

I remember being a kid I always loved summers! Like so many kids, we get so excited summer starts and a little sad when it ends.  It only seemed fit that for my last week of programming at the YMCAs of Central Ohio we celebrated summer.

On Tuesday at the Gahanna YMCA, we did  craft and had fun in the sun!  The rain held off for our two hours of fun, and it was great!  First, the kids started inside with a craft.  The craft was definitely experimental, so I was not sure if it was going to work.  Each kid was able to pick as many crayons as they wanted and whatever color they wanted.  All of the crayons had to be peeled.  The kids were given a blank piece of paper and tape.  Simply, kids were suppose to tape the peeled crayons in a shape or object on the white piece of paper.  The kids went outside and put their piece of paper on the black top.  The crayons melted on the piece of paper to make a fun design!  Unfortunately, the crayons did not melt well so the kids were able to take the papers home to finish the craft on their own!  The remainder of the time was spent outside with bubbles, side walk chalk, and gaga ball!  Gaga ball is a new, arising game in recreational activities.  It was great to watch the kids learn and play a new game together.



On Wednesday at the North YMCA, we went straight outside!  We played with water balloons for the first 15 minutes, but was rained out.  This was a great opportunity for me to go with the flow, and deal with unpredictability.  The kids and I played board games instead.  Although, it was hard to see my original plans not work out, it was great to see that we still had so much fun enjoying each other’s company!

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