All Roads Lead to Columbus

The work I have done this summer, and a good chunk of the overall work done by Clean Fuels Ohio, is geared towards our Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Expo which takes place annually here in Columbus. The two day conference hosted at the Columbus Convention Center in late September draws national attention from fleets, government officials, professionals, and businesses interested in transitioning to alternative fuel. Clean Fuels Ohio partners with the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association and various organizations to present the event which features educational sessions, business tours, and ride and drive sessions with alternative fuel vehicles. The Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Expo also features the announcement of the 2015 certified Ohio Green Fleets — a project I have spent a great deal of time on this summer.

Businesses, individuals, and fleets who become members of Clean Fuels Ohio gain numerous benefits from policy advocacy to press releases but the Ohio Green Fleets certification enables non-members to promote their progressive use of alternative fuels, resulting in a tremendous impact for their fleets. A large portion of my work this summer has involved contacting current and potential certified fleets and analyzing specific information given to us to determine whether or not the fleet will qualify for the 2015 ceremony. This was a slow process to begin but now that the Midwest Green Fleets event is right around the corner, things are becoming hectic and the work feels validated.

This is one of the signature events Clean Fuels Ohio is associated with so having the opportunity to be invested in the process has been rewarding. Hopefully, I will still be apart of the CFO team come September so I can attend the conference and see the results of countless hours of work put in by everybody on staff. Seemingly there has been increased interest in this years’ event but only time will tell…

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