Closing Time

I cannot believe week 9 is over.  This summer has truly flown by.  I finished up my programs team presentation last week and will be presenting this Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to presenting all I’ve learned this summer, but I’m also really nervous because I’ve never done a presentation for work before. This is one of those times where I feel like wait you’re letting me do a presentation?! But I’m not even a real adult yet.

I almost finished my presentation for the luncheon last week.  I’ll be fine tuning my script and synthesizing some things today.  Hopefully I can present my numbers in an interesting way and not bore everyone to death. This 20 second a slide thing is more difficult than I anticipated it being.

Today I’ll be going through training to be a wish granter, which I’m extremely excited about.  You have to be 21 to grant wishes and my birthday is in a week.  It was lucky for me our Volunteer Program Manager decided to do a staff express training right before my birthday. Wish granters are our volunteers who are the liaison between us and the wish families.  The volunteers get to meet with the families and help the child determine their one true wish.  It’s rewarding, not that time consuming, and we’re always looking for wish granting volunteers.

I’m still working on averages, but I’m not sure if I’ll get them done by the end of the week.  This last week is difficult for me because I feel as if I’ve done everything I wanted to accomplish and other useful projects will take time I don’t have.  Also, the fact that in a week I’ll be on my way to Vegas with my grandma is heavily on my mind at all times and I’m ready for this week to fly by.  Although, my boyfriend said not to wish this week away because 21 is the last exciting birthday I’ll have.

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