Capstone and Goodbye

I am sitting at my desk, here in my third-floor cubicle at the Vineyard Community Center, for my final day as a fellow here. Yesterday, a new intern on our floor was being introduced to the third-floor tenants; it’s hard to believe that it was a full ten weeks ago, June 1st to be exact, that I was given the welcome tour. I have written at length on this blog about the warm, genuinely kind, and welcoming nature of essentially each and every one of my coworkers here. I seriously doubt that a more congenial and gregarious work environment exists in the Columbus area.

I have also used much of my 300 word weekly allotment to illustrate what I learned throughout the experience. To say my fellowship has been educational would be a callous understatement. In many ways it has been eye opening, and will pay dividends to my professional endeavors for years to come.

Thus, I will not divulge into any further redundancy; rather, I will discuss what lays ahead on the horizon for me. After I officially complete my fellowship tomorrow afternoon at the Columbus Foundation, I will have approximately two weeks before my 22 year tenure in Ohio’s Capital City will come to a close. I was born and raised in this city. I have spent the entirety of my formative years here; never leaving its borders for more than two months in my life, but that will all change on August 24th. I will be moving to Philadelphia to attend law school at the University of Pennsylvania. I am absolutely positive that much of what I was able to learn here–both from the nature of my work and from my boss’ earnest lessons–will bear fruit during my time as a law student.

The Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship was the only program, job, or opportunity I applied to for this summer. There was nothing else that I wanted to do more, and the timeline perfectly corresponded with my own schedule. I am so grateful I was selected and given the chance to embark on this ten week journey. Undoubtedly, the fellowship has created an indelible final memory in Columbus for me, a perfect capstone to my residence in the greatest city in the world. Thank you, Columbus, you will always be home!

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2 Responses to Capstone and Goodbye

  1. Kent says:

    It was a pleasure to get to know you and have you around. I wish you great success in law school.

  2. Stephen says:

    You will be missed, Abdul. May God bless you in your endeavors and I pray that we will see you when you visit.

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