The Final Lap

Today is my final day with Make A Wish.  After I finish writing this, I’ll be cleaning out my desk.  This week I did a lot of small projects, including running the same cost analysis for 2014-2015 but breaking it down by months.

My favorite part of my week was presenting to the programs team yesterday.  I hope that I helped them  a lot.  My presentation sparked a lot of debate about the best ways to do things, which is exactly what I had hoped for.  I enjoyed hearing their side of things since they knew much more about the wish coordinating side of things than I do.  Sophia said she would like me to do the presentation sometime later this year for the entire programs team because she thinks it is important for everyone to know and understand.

MAW also tried to fatten me up during the last week.  Our Development Officer, John, got a Piada food truck to stop by and hand out free Piada sticks.  Development also had a two day meeting and brought back their leftover food.  Lots of cookies and Pita Pit.  There’s always food in this darn office.  Earlier in the year they had left over City BBq and I’m a vegetarian so two days in a row I had a heaping plate of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

I feel especially sad, as this is my second and final summer with Make A Wish.  I have learned so much from them.  I don’t really have many words for what I’m feeling because it mostly just feels unreal. I’ve grown so much from the timid development intern who didn’t know how to copy, use a phone, or leave voicemails that weren’t completely awkward.  I’m so grateful for this amazing experience.  I loved getting to know the fellows and thoroughly enjoyed all the people in the non-profit world we got to meet during our learning sessions.  Sophia was an amazing and supportive boss all summer.  I know I’ll never forget this experience.

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